This Is The Ultimate Pleasure! The Best Sextoy you’ll ever Use!

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  • Enjoy 3 distinct types of stimulation: sucking, licking & vibrating
  • 3-speed pump sucks on your bits for increased sensitivity & oral-like thrills
  • Tongue moves up and down for a licking-like sensation with 6 patterns
  • Handle doubles as a G-Spot vibrator with 7 modes for internal stimulation
  • Each stimulation type controlled separately so you can use them alone or combined
  • Entire pump measures 10 inches long from top to bottom
  • Insertable handle measures 1.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches long
  • Made primarily from body-friendly silicone with ABS plastic attachments
  • Magnetic USB rechargeable vibe runs up to 60 minutes & recharges in 1.5 hours

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Reward Your Clit With A Do-It-All Pump That Sucks, Licks & Vibrates!

This is the ultimate toy! Anything named Ultimate Pleasure has a lot to live up to. And with 4 strong motors and 3 different stimulation options to make your toes curl and thighs quiver, this pump definitely delivers on the pleasure!

It has Intense Suction and 2 Pleasure Attachments . Customize your experience with a round and oval option for your erogenous areas.
4 Powerful Motors Offer 3 Suction/sucking Patterns, 6 Tongue Motion Patterns AND 7 Vibration Patterns. Choose your pleasure with tongue stimulation, vibrations, and suction separately or together. Vibrating Silicone Handle Offers Powerful G-Spot Stimulation
Equipped with its own motor, the ergonomic handle provides comfort and incredible G-spot stimulation!
Operating Instructions:
Suction, Tongue, and Vibration can be used simultaneously or independently.

Stimulation Option #1: Intense Suction

Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump really sucks in the best possible way! The pump uses a special attachment to form a tight seal around your clit, nipples or other bits. It then starts sucking away to increase your sensitivity and size too while mimicking the feel of oral.

There are 3 stimulation suction patterns for you to try. Our toy tester(Bev Munga of course) loved it soo much, saying “It feels like someone going down on you who doesn’t need to stop for air.”

The Pleasure Pump comes with two suction cup attachments. The oval-shaped cup is contoured to fit around your clit and vagina. The round cup fits around your nipples so you can pump them up too! Both attachments are see-through so you can watch the pump in action. A soft rim around each cup provides a stronger seal for maximum suction power.

Stimulation Option #2: Licking Tongue

If you love it when someone licks your bits, then you’ll go nuts for Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump! The pump’s powerful tongue-shaped stimulator moves up and down. When you press it against your clit or nipple, the tongue feels like it’s actually licking. The Vibrating Lawyer claimed, “It licked better than my last two boyfriends!”

There are 6 different tongue modes to pick from, including multiple speeds and patterns. You can enhance your sensations even more with the included tongue sleeve. The removable sleeve is covered with dozens of soft, small pleasure nubs that add stimulating texture to the tongue and make it feel even more lifelike!

When you use the suction ability and the wagging tongue at the same time, you’re in for what just might be the ultimate oral experience!

Stimulation Option #3: Vibrating G-Spot Handle

When you need something to fill you up, simply flip the pump around and use the other end as a G-Spot vibe. The curved tip bends and flexes to make your G-Spot easy to find. The smooth, sleek shaft slips in easily if you want to go deeper. There are 7 vibration modes for you to try, including multiple speeds and all kinds of patterns for a variety of sensations.

Additional Details

Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump measures 10 inches long from top to bottom with one of the attachments in place. The insertable handle measures 1.3 inches wide by 4.5 inches long. The stimulator is primarily made from soft and durable silicone. Silicone is easy to clean and hypoallergenic, which is why sex toy experts call it a body-friendly or body-safe material. The suction cup attachments are made from ABS plastic so they retain their shape as the pump sucks away.

The Ultimate Pleasure Pump is compatible with water-based sex lubes (KY Jelly sold Separately). The stimulation options are all controlled separately so you can use them one a time or in different combinations. The top button controls the vibrations in the shaft, while the bottom button controls the moving tongue. The middle two buttons control the suction, with one turning it on while the other acts as a quick release. Simply press each button to turn the stimulation on or switch modes. When you’re finished, hold the button down for several seconds to turn it off.

The rechargeable pump can run up 60 minutes on a full charge. Recharge the pump using the included magnetic USB cord. Both the charger and pump light up as it charges. It takes up to 90 minutes to completely recharge.

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