Greedy Nairobi Girl Vibrator- Thrusting!

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Be it up, down, or round and round, this hot-spot seeking vibe will have you squirming with pleasure when you discover its multiple motions. Offering 10 different vibration and thrust settings, its realistically-styled 7.5 inch shaft is poised to please.

Detailed with raised, throbbing rings and a rounded lifelike tip, it’s ideal for those looking for a realistic feel. Let the rhythmic thrusting work you into a frenzy and the multi-speed vibrations deliver waves of pleasure for a beautifully blended big O (or six).

Move through the 7 vibration patterns and 3 thrusting speeds with the easy to operate push buttons at the base of the vibrator. For the best sensations, slick the length of the shaft in lots of water-based lubricant first.

Now with thrusting action and a well shaped shaft, this classic vibrator really is designed to satisfy. It’s firm for better sensations, it comes with satisfying ridges and contours, with powerful multi-speeds vibrations controlled with a twist of the base.

  • Luxury thrusting vibrator for internal and external stimulation
  • A top-of-the-line Vibrator for anyone who loves powerful G-spot thrusting.
  • Powerful thrusting shaft targets your G-spot while engulfing your vagina with thrilling vibrations.
  • Incredible total of 10 possible vibration combinations gives you complete control.
  • 3 Thrusting modes.


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Bring your fantasies to life with the incredible thrusting motion. Its realistic shape, varied modes of vibration and a deliciously powerful motor deliver authentic internal massages for sheet-clenching climaxes.

A super-soft silicone, realistic-looking shaft thrusts back and forth with 10 speeds and 3 patterns, providing powerful lifelike stimulation.

The Nairobi Vibrator offers you a larger-than-life duration, lasting up to 2 hours on a single charge.

Waterproof and USB rechargeable, this powerful thruster is perfect for play inside and out of the bedroom.

You’ll be one happy bunny once you’ve taken this Greedy Nairobi Girl for a spin. With a curved, thrusting shaft, a bulbous head perfect for G-spot stimulation and soft, silky silicone material, this elegant Nairobi vibrator is worth its weight in 24 ‘carrot’ gold.

“This is too much – all this overstimulation, everywhere. My body starts to climb, and on my knees, I’m unable to control the buildup. Oh my…” – Bev Munga

With a smooth silicone finish, this sleek vibrator feels unbelievably soft against your skin, while the exquisite array of thrusting and vibration patterns will have you diving down the rabbit hole again and again.

Whisper-quiet, waterproof and USB rechargeable, it’s perfect for discreet, versatile play.

Slather generously with your favourite water-based lubricant for extra pleasurable sensations.


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