Lubrication-Original KY Jelly 100ml

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Light, smooth and silky, this classic KY lube is a naughty drawer essential.

A real sex essential, the Lube is water-based and contains a special blend of ingredients to enhance your sex life. Water soluble and easily washed off, the lube is light, silky and never sticky.
Comes in 100ml, 50ml and 42ml. The long lasting bottle is perfect for travel, and safe for use with condoms and sex toys.

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Heighten your orgasms and make stimulation sensational. Ky jelly is safe, water based, teases and brings you to a tantalising climax. Designed to enhance clitoral sensation, this gel is perfect for women who struggle to climax through intercourse alone. For solo stimulation or boosting your bedroom antics, this gel is 100ml of pure pleasure.


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