Maxman Delay Cream

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Please note that results of  may vary depending on the user’s physical condition, body chemistry and other factors.


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Extend your love-making as long as you want!

“It really works. Bottom line. I’ve been lasting longer than I ever thought possible. 40 minutes to an hour. I can finish when I want with a little concentration, & when I do finish, it’s really intense. This is the best product of this type that my wife & I have ever purchased.” –Gspot Kenya customer and tester*

Forget all the mumbo-jumbo talk about special ingredients and secret Asian formulas passed down for centuries. Our few of our customers have been using this cream for a few months now and that’s the only endorsement that really matters. If  didn’t work, then we would have stopped selling it years ago!

• Enhances your sensations and a temporary  numbing.
• Boosts muscle control so you can orgasm when you want to
• Follow the directions closely for best results
• Apply to your tip once an hour for three hours before sex
• Becomes more effective the longer you use it
• Results may vary depending on a number of factors

It delays your ejaculation by increasing your self control. By enhancing and improving your muscular control, it lets you exercise a new level of control over your orgasm. You’ll be able to fully satisfy your partner, improve your relationship, and never be called a “minute man” again. Maxman lets you climax when you want to… not before and not after.


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