Sensual Cream- Amplify your Orgasms

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Looking for more intense orgasms? Struggling with dryness? This cream is heaven sent!

Feel confident. Feel sexy. Feel playful.

2Seduce Sensual Intimate Stimulant Cream is designed to help women combat their diminished sex drive but is also suitable for women who enjoy sex but want to further enhance their pleasure.

Recent medical studies have identified that more than 50% of women suffer from loss of libido or low sex drive, referred to by the American Medical Association as FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder).

Not to be confused with an inability to achieve orgasm, FSAD is simply diminished sexual desire, or lack of interest in love making – the good news is that it is generally only a temporary condition, and can more often than not be easily rectified.

Some causes of reduced libido can include hormonal changes, tiredness, stress and anxiety which most women suffer from at some stage or another.

So if you want to regain your enthusiasm for sex and enjoy more activity in the bedroom, then this amazingly effective cream is for you. 

2 Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream stimulates female intimate areas and gives you a tingling, warm and sensual feeling for optimal excitement, enjoyment and unique climax.

The 2 Seduce Creams is a unique formula based on natural ingredients and rich oils which stimulate the female intimate region.

2 Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream provides maximum blood circulation and creates a pleasant warm effect.

The skin will become more sensitive at the touch and sexual desire will be increased.

The tingling stimulation of the clitoris will create a more intense pleasure and contribute to the tremendous climax.

Product Overview

–       Light, non-sticky formula, easy to apply (pump dispenser)

–       A silky, sensual blend of herbal aphrodisiacs that enhance desire and amplify pleasure

–       Creates an immediate tingling effect and warms the genitals, increasing sensitivity

–       Contains Ginkgo Biloba & Ginseng renowned for their arousal properties

–       Natural Ingredients

–       Not Tested on Animals



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