Cum In My Mouth

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This tongue and mouth vibrator that moves on you labia and clit area  provides women with intense and realistic oral sex stimulation. Featuring a rotating node that releases firm and precise vibrations offering a real-feeling tongue like sensation.

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The design of this flaming red lips vibrator will completely cover your labia, clitoris, nipples and areola, sucks you in all directions. Enjoy 10 different modes of licking and kissing which are softer than your man’s lips . Enjoy the 5 tongue licking vibration modes very moist and lingering pussy, instant numbness spreads all over the body, feel oral sex and experience the thrill of orgasm.

[Tongue Licking Oral Kissing Vibrator] – Have you ever felt the sensation of being sucked Do you want your clitoris to be sucked and licked by a soft and flexible tongue? This exclusive tongue-licking vibrator can satisfy your desire for a tidal wave. The designer has fused the tongue-licking vibrator and oral together into a new tongue-licking vibrating oral toy, which is a good solution to the singularity of the product and allows you to feel the pleasure of tongue-licking and kissing.

[5 Vibration Modes & 10 Bite Modes] – The tongue vibrator has 5 vibration modes and 10 Bite modes, from gentle to wild movements maximizes your sense of pleasure, can let you feel the pleasure of gentle sucking, can also feel the rhythmic stimulation, as well as can experience the wild stimulation of tightly sucking your meat, I believe this is a sex toy you deserve to have, which will provide orgasms you never imagined.

[Body-Safe Silicone & Whisper Quiet] – The clitoral stimulation is made from high quality silicone. Non-toxic, odorless and skin- friendly. Smooth to touch and feel. The noise is less than 50 dB, almost negligible. You can enjoy quiet clitoral vibrator’s thrills at home or office without any worries.



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