Bound To Please-The Ultimate Sextoy Collection- Set of 37 Pieces.

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Light bondage toys for beginners

These toys are perfect for any first-time bondage play, including light restraints, soft bondage items, and toys, something which gives your sex lives a bit of a boost.

For starters, blindfolding is highly recommended, as it is the perfect balance among both control and sensory play.

By default, the eye mask limits vision, the entire body of the wearer reacts by being extremely sensitive to other sensory stimuli, including smells, scents, sounds, and touch.

Start exploring your blindfolded partner with kisses, soft strokes, and caresses to make the most of their increasingly responsive skin.

Other kinky beginner choices usually involve bondage tape, which would be simple to handle and put on and also strip off.

Furry handcuffs are nice as they are soft and smooth and yet still lock you, while some lightweight Velcro fastened wrist straps bolster restraint without being intimidating for beginners.

Also, a collar will help you relax in the subspace and you’ll be in the right frame of mind.

You can combine stuff and match it. We recommend sticking with one form of restraint, after which trying to expand from there with the rest.



  1. BDSM Kit of 8 ITEMS- A pair of Handcuffs and Shackles, Mouth gag, blindfold, nipple clumps,  flogger, neck collar with leash and rope.
  2. 2 ANAL beads.
  3. Metallic Butt Plug
  4. Feather tickler/Plumage
  5. Flogger
  6. Spanking Paddle.
  7. 3 Dices- 1 Wooden, 1 luminous(Glow in the dark) dice and 1 12-faced dice.
  8. Hog Tie/Cross Strap (4 way connector to strap on the  cuffs and shackles restraints)
  9. Thong
  10. Vibrating Pink Egg
  11. 3 round penis rings
  12. Vibrating cock ring
  13. Fingering spiky Glove
  14. Vibrating Anal Butt plug
  15. Set of 3 Anal Butt plugs
  16. 2 different Vibrators- 1 can be used as anal Vibrator and the other a vaginal. Or as you please-Just giving you tips.
  17. 5 Different penis sleeves with nibs for added pleasure.


Bare with us if we’ve forgotten to list anything. It’s a pretty long list 🙂

Original price was: KSh25,000.00.Current price is: KSh15,000.00.

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With 37 specially selected toys for sexy fun in endless erotic combinations, including a full bondage set, 2 vibrators and dinky butt plugs and anal beads for first-time anal fun, no two nights will ever be the same. Welcome to the weekend! TRY EACH AND EVERY ITEM ON THIS 37 SET for a whole new sex life!

Experiment with a magical mixture of cock rings, vibrators, jiggle balls, anal beads, Anal vibrators, BDSM kits, sex position dices, penis sleeves  and soo much more.  Set the night alight with fresh play.

BDSM toys are things that can help you explore BDSM, that also means bondage, dominance, submission, sadism & masochism.

Usually includes restraint-oriented objects such as straps, masks, ropes, handcuffs, gags as well as other restraints. Sex items for erotic games, such as whips and floggers, are also included.

Using BDSM equipment will make your grandest bondage fantasies come true! Here at Wicked Tickles, you will experience an emphasis on delivering premium products that will boost your naughty desires.

From simple ties and chains to more advanced bondage equipment, we’ve got it!

Extreme bondage equipment is available which includes sexy apparel, sex toys, handcuffs, bondage chains, penis rings, anal plugs, butt stuff, and many more at great rates, offering you the ultimate erotic satisfaction at the best price!

Gearing up for the exciting scene? You’re certainly in the right place!

This set of sex accessories can gratify your sexual desires and finally helps you take things up a notch!

The cock rings:

  • 3 x super-stretchy cock rings that may boost your sexual stamina
  • Can be worn in different combinations around shaft and testicles for pleasurable constriction
  • Results may vary

The Anal Play toys:

The ultimate stimulation kit designed to give you the best anal beads experience ever! Anal Beads have a simple yet very effective design. They’re made of jelly so they’re flexible for your comfort, yet firm enough to last. Each bead is tapered and smoothly rounded for awesome internal stimulation.

Best of all, the beads are connected together by a sturdy cord you can use to tug and tease too! The cord also makes cleanup easy since you can wash each bead separately, requiring only warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner.

Anal toys can be a lot of fun, and these Plugs and  Beads will add new dimensions to your love life! They’re great for teasing your partner, or for solo play. Flexible and smooth, they’ll give you gentle pleasure without ripping you apart.

Anal  Beads are versatile, shiny new option for beginners who aren’t ready to take the plunge with a butt plug but want to explore anal stimulation. Treat yourself to extra pleasure by placing hot or cold water in the bowl before playtime for an ice-cool or warm sensation.

It’s made from safe material to protect your sensitive skin and produce a tight gripping hold. It is designed with a finger loop for easy removal. This toy is flexible for comfort use making you feel full pleasure during the insertion process!


This soft bondage rope from Bound to Tease will keep your lover firmly in place.

If you want to perform Shibari or simply restrain your lover, you can rest assured that this will work without damaging his or her skin.

You’ll have plenty of room to maneuver with just 10 metres. This  Ropes from Bound to Please is ideal for sturdy restraints that won’t chafe.

The rope is functional no matter what you’re into, whether it’s Shibari, knot tying, or just simply to restrain a lover. This is a great option for beginners as well as intermediates due to its durability and softness.


Treat yourself to the elegant luxury and sensual satisfaction that the Metal Butt Plug has to offer. The butt plug dazzles with a red sparkly heart-shaped jewel located at its base. The enchanting Precious Metals Collection offers a wide array of beautifully crafted jewel butt plugs that will melt your heart and be a suitable addition to your crown jewels.

The dazzling metallic anal plugs that were launched by Loving Joy features sophisticated metal butt plugs that were made in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are suitable for anal beginners and experienced users alike. The beautiful and sensual butt plugs are available in silver and gold coating and are made from materials suitable for users that want to enjoy a variety of sex games like temperature play.

The elegant shape of enchanting forbidden luxury was designed to awaken hidden desires of intense sensuality and indulgence. The Precious Metals Gold Butt Plug will stimulate the senses while dazzling elegantly.

This golden beauty will increase your thirst for the distinctively firm and pleasurable metal plug while its weight and feel are sure to take your breath away during play with yourself or with a partner. Give in to the pulsating ecstasy during slow insertions as you feel the extremely smooth surface and slightly tapered tip. These features will make every experience using this metallic Gold Butt Plug a pleasurable one. Its wide jeweled base ensures both safety and elegance while enjoying your kinky.


Introduce light bondage play and excitement to the bedroom. Heighten your senses and enhance sensory anticipation.


Your sex drawer will be soo happy to get new friends.

Let’s say no to a boring sex life.


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