Delay Spray/ Endurance Spray-Upgraded

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Choose between   Peineili or mini love delay spray

Help increase your stamina and postpone ejaculation to make pleasure last longer for both partners. Simply squirt some of this lightly scented spray on the head of your penis approximately 30 minutes before sex for best results.

Apply 1 or 2 sprays of the liquid onto the head of your penis at least 30 minutes before intercourse for the best results.

Please note: Not suitable for use with pregnant women. Do not use on broken or inflamed skin. Avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.

Results may vary.

  • Extra strong delay spray for use on the tip of the penis
  • May help to delay ejaculation, giving you a longer lasting session
  • Use 1 or 2 sprays 30 minutes before sex for best results

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From time to time, you might need some help with your performance in bed. The reasons for this may vary – you might be too stressed out or too excited to really concentrate on anything. The result, however, remains the same, with you or your partner (or you both) not being satisfied enough and having to go to sleep without getting everything you wanted. And if you just aren’t able to finish, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is irreparably wrong.

However, it might lead to your partner feeling bad about themselves and this is not something you want to happen. There might also be instances of you finishing so fast that she’s not even able to relish the process for long enough, yet alone experience the orgasm. This, again, can lead to the mood being ruined and the day after that might end up being affected, too.

So what can you do to stop yourself from climaxing too fast and ending what might have been an exceptionally hot night prematurely? Well, there’re different methods for that, including sexual stamina training, but right now you want to get something that will give you immediate results, right? And this isn’t something unrealistic. As a matter of fact, you can achieve just that. And how do you do it? By using delay sprays.

This product is both effective and convenient. Since practice doesn’t always make perfect, high-quality, safe delay sprays should be kept in everyone’s bedside table. This male desensitizer calms your genitalia down, allowing you to keep the “I’m going to fuck you all night long” promise you made before hopping into the sack.

Effect: Time prolonging, body strengthening and sperm producing, restraining premature ejaculation, prolonging the time of making love, passion and desire stimulating, exciting nerve and preventing the transmission of diseases.

Usage and Dosage: After cleaning the genitalia, spray this product against the glans and the coronary ditch parts for 2-3times 30 minutes before making love (dosage is closely correlated with prolonging effect. Please appreciably adjust the dosage as per the self sensitivity and comfortableness within such scope), and the medicine liquid should be equality daubed on the glans, and coronary ditch parts, which cannot be sprayed into the urethral orifice, the effect will be lasted for 60mins


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