Upgraded Increase My Manhood Oil

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MK authentic male Herbal Penis enlargement oils helps with permanent thickening and growth for the penis. It also helps to delay ejaculation.
It’s an all-natural supplement oil designed to improve your sexual performance in one easy to apply and massage drop

Using a combination of naturally enhancing ingredients, it not onlu helps with the penis size but can improve your libido and support stamina. Nominated for Adult Product of the Year, all natural ingredients.
This is the essential oil for solving stagnant sexual desire in men. It treats premature ejaculation and adds more hours to your sexual encounters

-Delay your ejaculation
-Increase thickness of penis
-Add as much as 5cm length
-Safe, with no side effects
-Pure herbal essence

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-Notable outcome in 8 to 12 weeks
-Delayed Ejaculation
-2 to 4 centimeters growth (Longer, Thicker and Stronger) within 12 weeks

-In 12 to 24 weeks= 4 TO 7 CENTIMETERS growth
For better results, ADD The DELAY SPRAY to your purchase.


For men, best use would be 1-2 times per day, then allow 10 minutes for full absorption. When is the right time? You can apply the oil right after a warm bath. Apply five drops on your manhood and then massage them slowly. Moreover, for extra fun, do the massaging together!

Tips for Best Use

Be careful, don’t allow the oil to get near your eyes, nose, or mouth. This medication is for external use only. For first time users, apply a small amount. Then, gradually, increase the dosage.

For first time users, apply a small amount. Then, gradually adjust the dosage.

Result vary depending on your age. With this in mind, regular use guarantees fast results. For sure, try our 10 ml. 4 bottles treatment course. Daily use for 30 days will definitely work for you.


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