Kegel Exercise Ball

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  • Combine Health and Fitness with Ben Wa Balls for Women. Kegels provide Numerous Benefits.
  • Strengthen and tone your PC Muscles for improved bladder control, and pelvic floor health. Benwa or Kegel Balls are weighted to provide resistance to build a healthy pelvic floor strength gradually and efficiently.
  • Kegel Exercisers are recommended by Physicians as excellent preparation for and recovery from Child-birth. Ideal for the prevention of Urinary Incontinence.


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Do you get that sinking feeling when you sneeze or cough and you couldn’t stop the leak?

Although they are simple devices, your new Kegel Exercise Balls sit discreetly concealed inside the Pelvic Floor area during daily activities providing a solid object for you to flex around to tone and exercise your pelvic floor. Silent and subtle vibrations are caused by the weighted inner ball that helps to prompt your PC muscles to respond as you move.

You’ll experience peace of mind as the Kegel Exercise Balls are made from the smooth medical grade silicone, non-toxic materials.

So why buy the Kegel Exercise Balls?Ergonomically designed for function, hygiene, comfort and easy maintenance, you’ll notice the seamless design makes your new kegel balls effortless to clean.

Ideal for toning the pelvic muscles and preparing the birth canal for Childbirth to prevent bladder control issues during pregnancy, Kegel Balls may help you regain pelvic floor strength and tone for a faster recovery from Childbirth. Kegel Balls act as a preventative measure to strengthen the Pelvic Floor muscles to help avoid Urinary Incontinence.



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