Midnight Delight

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This dual stimulation and remote-controlled sex toy sis perfect for both clot and G-Spot orgasms and designed to hit the G-spot and target the clitoris simultaneously. The external arm stimulates the clitoris through throbbing/tapping technology.

On the other hand, the interior arm works as the perfect G-spot vibrator.
The 2 in 1 Clitoral Stimulator With throbbing modes is made of body-safe and soft silicone. As promised by the company, the product is delivered in discreet packaging.

The upgraded sex toy is rechargeable via the included charging cable. However, the remote control needs a battery. Furthermore, the vibrator is waterproof. As such, it’s easy to clean.
What’s more, this bad boy stimulator has a two-button interface both on the remote control and on the toy itself. The buttons generally work the same way: one switch controls the clitoral part, and the other controls the internal vibrations for maximum enjoyment.

Original price was: KSh8,500.00.Current price is: KSh6,500.00.

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Bring some variety to your self-pleasure with the midnight delight Vibrator. This updated vibrator uses a variety of methods to get you off, including tapping,, throbbing, pulsating and vibrating into all of your most delicious areas. The new sensations will drive you wild, sending you into the pleasure you never considered before!

– Body-conscious: Featuring a sleek handle and protruding gentle massage tip, this midnight delight vibrates, pulsates, and throbs from within, the sensation is completely different from a vibration effect- it’s much more subtle and direct, mimicking a perfect, patient oral vibrator.

– Rechargeable: Fully rechargeable via an included mini USB cable, 90 minutes of charge time will run up to 60 more minutes of continuous use.

– Extra quiet and super-discreet operation, Great for traveling and on-the-go fun.

– Vibrator will be shipped to you with a discreet package, no one knows what you get.


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