Period Pains? What Are Those? CrampPad


This menstrual pain relief device contains has vibrating and heating settings. It has an Inductive touch switch and magnetic charging. It has three heating modes and three vibration massage modes.

It has 3 Sufficient heating temperature: Double-click the heating switch quickly, and it will heat up after three seconds. There are 3 temperatures: 113, 131 and 149 (45.55 and 65°C). Touch the switch again to adjust the temperature.

High frequency vibration massage: There are three high frequency vibration massage modes (3000, 4500 and 6000 vibrations per minute), no interval, short interval and long interval vibration. Touch the switch to adjust the vibration massage mode and choose the one you like best.

Built-in battery: Compared with the previous generation of menstrual pain relief devices, this device uses a built-in battery. It is more convenient to carry and use. Fully charge about 5 hours.

Note:  In addition, the device CAN generates excessive heat. We recommend placing a cloth between the device and the abdomen incase it’s too hot for you.


Our advanced CrampPad is used to deliver heat and massaging sensations to the desired area in order to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles in order to greatly decrease the pain from cramps. It is designed to be able to be used at home or on the go as it’s slim design allows it to be unnoticeable when wearing clothes.

When you apply heat to the lower abdomen or lower back, uterine contractions are relaxed, which in turn means less pain.


  • PUT IT ON…

    Wrap the CrampPad around your body with its adjustable strap.


    Turn it on and choose from over 6 soothing modes.


You’re done! Let our CrampPad take care of the rest while you enjoy a pain-free life.

It is rechargeable, has 3 vibrations to help sooth your lower tummy and heats up too to help with period pains.

The waist belt is elastic and 70-80cms.

No more cramps. No Pain. No worries.

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All you need for a Cramp free menstrual period is this bad girl right here.
No more period cramps troubles. We got you covered with our Period Pain Crusher.
This dual function hot compress and massage device is a 1 time purchase for that time of the month. It literally works like magic.
Inspired by a hot water bag and designed to fit your life! This Period cramp Pad emits soothing heat for up to 4 hours and hug your body to give you relief from cramps as well has 3 soothing vibrations to make your Lower tummy smile.
  • Helps muscles relax for maximum relief.
  • Air-activated – Releases heat on its own.
  • Portable and discreet design.

This heating pad comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can run up to 4 hours. It also heats up really fast — within just 30 seconds.


We’ve been taught to take pills that are riddled with harmful side-effects. Switch to CrampPad for healthy, drug-free period cramp relief.


The CrampPad allows for maximum comfort so that you are able to use it at home and on the go. The slim design allows the heat pad to be unnoticeable when clothes are worn over it.

Every cycle, our uterine muscles tighten up to expel period blood, resulting in painful cramps. Heat is one of the most effective and natural way to reduce this pain. So it isn’t surprising that we’ve been using hot water bags for generations to help us get through the pain. But aren’t you tired of the endless refills and awkward positions?

Enter Cramp Comfort  Pad- A world’s first self-heating and vibrating pad uniquely designed for period pain! The pads are rechargeable, they vibrate and emit heat upon contact with your skin. It relaxes your muscles and ensures smooth passage of period blood. By reducing cramps at its source, you’ll be able to have a more comfortable and less painful period.

I’ve personally (Bev Munga) been using this for my past few periods and I can promise you that it’s the best investment you can make. I used to spend hours laying in bed, unable to move because the pain was so bad. This Cramp Pad soothes my cramps immediately meaning that I can continue working and just living my best life the way I want to. I wish I knew about this sooner!
I’ve been suffering a lot from period cramps over the last few years after having a IUD inserted and I often needed to take  loads of pills just to cope with the pain. CrampPad is totally a game changer for period pain and I wish I could give it to my teenage self! I’ve been using this for my last 5 periods and I can tell you that this device has helped me in so many ways. I love how easy it is to use. The heat and massage therapy combines the benefits of a heating pad and a tummy rub in one beautiful, lightweight device.”


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