Prostate, Anal and Gspot Fantasy

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  • Vibrating P-Spot and Gspot Massager – powerful vibrations where you want them most!
  • Form-Fitting Base – wide handle for safe play and easy removal.
  • Rocker Anal Massager – pleaser beads teeter back and forth inside you for mind blowing orgasms!
  • 7 Vibrational Functions – Vibration, pulsation, escalation there are plenty of options for powerful pleasure.
  • Beads in the shaft rotate in 5 modes.
  • Fully Automated Prostate Massage – A powerful internal motor provides 9 variations of movement to rub, stroke and caress your prostate and perenium spot.
  • USB Rechargeable – Ready when you are! Easily and conveniently rechargeable offering hours of enjoyment.

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This Toy can be used by both male and female. Used as an Anal/Prostate vibrator as well as a Gspot Vibrator. Use it however you’d like.


If you’re looking for a rechargeable prostate massager that delivers full-body climaxes, the Massager is the perfect choice for you! This premium prostate massager is both ergonomically designed and comes packed with mind-blowing features that offer incredible thrills and explosive results with the simple push of a button!

Its is strategically designed to rock your prostate nd gspot too. It features a tapered tip to ease insertion and an angled head that houses a micro-bullet within the silicone to deliver super-strong vibrations directly to your P-Spot and Gspot too. Choose between 7 powerful patterns of vibrations and 5 rotating beads on the shaft and get ready to enter a world of bliss. But that’s not all hidden beneath the second bead of this incredible anal massager are two rolling balls that continuously move up and down within the soft silicone. This unique massage mechanism rocks like a seesaw against the sensitive nerve endings in the sphincter, stimulating the anal opening like a gently prying finger. As the tiny pleasure beads teeter back and forth inside of you, the head of the massager will also wiggle, pushing against the sensitive prostate while it excites you with each buzz.

If you’re new to prostate massages, you’re missing out on one of the most pleasurable types of stimulation possible! Even anal aficionados have never experienced body-shaking climaxes like this before! The P-Motion is the ultimate vibrating prostate massager designed to give you the most intense, most powerful ejaculations ever imagined.

Try this masaager in the shower or spa and turn bath time into pleasure time! The wide handle prevents the piece from slipping too far inside while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks. It’s silky-smooth to the touch and made to play hard.

Experience the ultimate in prostate play with the incredible Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-Spot Milker. This unique prostate pleaser offers true innovation with a fully automated massaging system to simultaneously stroke your prostate and rock your perineum. For a custom experience every time, the Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-Spot Milker’s cleverly curved tip offers a come hither massage movements that allow the base to rock back and forth and apply pressure against the perineum. Each thrilling vibration pattern tickles, teases, and caresses the prostate, delivering rock hard erections and explosive ejaculations every time!

Your experience is further heightened with powerful vibrating beads inside located at the tip of the p-spot milker and the bottom that features nine thrilling pulsation patterns. The ergonomic design allows for extended wear during solo sessions or partner play.

When you’re looking to take your anal play to the next level, the Anal Fantasy is the premier choice for high-end anal arousal and prostate play. Our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone is made to play hard. Using the latest in USB rechargeable technology, this butt plug and Gspot vibrator probes are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and guaranteed satisfaction. Perfect for any gender, the unisex collection comes packed with mind-blowing features that offer incredible thrills and explosive results!



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