The Mother of Rabbit Vibrators- Licking Sensation

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This super soft silicone memory function rabbit vibrator is amazingly equipped to provide you with intense pleasure night after night. The shape and licking of this toy is to reach your inner G-spot and a smaller curved rabbit clit ensuring fist-clenching orgasms. The vibrator has 12 different vibe and 3 frequency swing settings to give you hours of endless playtime. This toy is made with a high-quality soft silicone that provides a gorgeously, sexy, silky feel to leave you completely satisfied all night long.

We’re so confident that this rabbit will give you your best orgasm ever, that we’ve put our money where our mouth is – we guarantee you multiple orgasms.
You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot of Moregasm to gain.
It’s rechargeable so no need to keep buying batteries.
Perfect for both clit and Gspot Orgasms.

The Flirtation master is a luxurious vibrator with a clitoral stimulator shaped like a bunny. Made of high quality silicone, its touch is very pleasant and its operation is very simple. Its 12 functions of vibrations and 3 licking settings  will give you soo much pleasure, it will caress your G-spot like never before.

It is rechargeable by USB too.


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The shaft is powered by a licking Technology, giving you 12 deep, rumbling vibration modes that complement the rhythmic nudges of the Move motion. Choose from 12 constant vibration speeds and 3 exciting licking stettings Move modes to supercharge your G-spot massage.

The master rabbit stimulator has its own high-frequency motor that’s closer in sensation to a precise clitoral vibrator. The fast, buzzy vibration teases your clitoris without numbing sensation and has adjustable speeds to explore. The flexible shape allows you to adjust positioning and pressure to complement your body.

  • This golden sex toy has a sleek and stylish design with a tongue licking curved shaft and a smaller curved rabbit clit stimulator that will provide 3 functions of intense licking stimulation and 12 function of vibration for all your body’s sweet spots.
  • The vibrator has a unique stimulator that tongue that tickles your clitoris slowly or intensely, depending on what you want, with 12 different functions.
  • The contours of your vibrator have been lovingly designed so that you aim at your G-spot and tip over the edge every time. It’s a combination that should take you all the way to that fist-clenched orgasm. Keep all the sensations for a fantastic solo game to yourself or give it to your partner to add a sassy touch to your bedroom pleasure.

Covered in smooth silicone with a USB charging, you can take your Moregasm rabbit into the bath or shower for a slippery, wet rendezvous.


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