The Ultimate Clit-Licking-Pussy Sucking 3 in 1 Vibrator

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If you’re looking for all-in-one bliss, look no further than the Ultimate Pleasure kit. With tempting licks, scintillating suction, and a 12-function G-spot vibrator for a handle, this toy offers all the best of sexual stimulation.
About the product
  • The Clitoral stimulator has a flickering tongue-like action and 12 vibration patterns on the Shaft for Gspot Orgasms touching those sensitive nerve endings.
  • It also Sucks/Pumps to suck your lips down there and pump your clit too.
  • The shaft that doubles as a Vibrator is meant to touch all your vaginal walls for mind blowing Orgasms.
  • The feeling of licking and pulsing against the clitoris while the shaft slips into the vagina resting on the g-spot is just mind blowing. 
  • The curved and firm silicone shaft/Handle makes it easy to explore your sugar walls and target your hungry-for-action G-spot.
  • Luxurious And  USB rechargable

Key Features:

  • Powerful all-in-one vibrating pussy pump with licking tongue vibrator
  • 3 suction patterns with 2 suction cups for a secure fit around nipples or clitorises
  • 7 function licking tongue comes with additional TPE sleeve for added stimulating texture
  • Smooth ergonomic handle doubles as a 10-function G-spot vibrator
  • Each function can be enjoyed separately
  • USB rechargeable with the included magnetic cable for use anywhere in the world
  • New sonic technology delivers a completely different kind of no-contact stimulation to your clitoris
  • Ergonomic curve means it fits superbly in the palm of your hand
  • Let 12 different patterns of pulsation wash over you and bring climactic bliss straight to your clit
  • USB rechargeable – a full charge gives you 60 minutes of play

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Clitoral + Vaginal Satisfaction Blended Like Never Before!

This unique vibrator uses orgasmic,flickering tongue function to simulate licking sensations, encircling your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation. And Guess What!! It Pumps too.

Vibrators have been delivering dual pleasure for years, it’s what they do. But it’s never been done like this Come To Bed Licking and Sucking/Pumping Vibrator –– until now! If you’re ready to go beyond the basics, then you owe it to yourself to get one.

Combining a direct clitoral stimulator that flickers on the clit like a tongue,with a beautifully styled shaft and a tireless handle tip to work internally, the Ultimate Vibrator offers blended satisfaction for enhanced pleasure sessions, solo or with a partner! Taking a page from Fifty Shades of Grey, your foreplay can go into overdrive with this fully equipped creature!

The shaft that doubles as a Gspot Vibrator with contours that make insertion a dream, while the curved tip nestles inside for out of this world G-Spot and A-Spot thrills. The effect is very much like upgrading your transportation needs from a used car to a full-blown luxury vehicle!

Chauffeur yourself through one memorable session after another, by licking, sucking and vibrating too at the same damn time! Or enlist a partner to help you explore!

The ultimate satisfaction Vibrator is powered by twin motors, relentless servants of pleasure devoted to delivering 12 new waves of thrilling vibration. Each vibration pattern can be directed through 12 levels of intensity. Catch your breath as you explore all the possibilities.

Select one of 2 included suction cups to fit over a nipple or your clitoris, then choose between 3 automated suction patterns for the sensational suck that best suits you. Press the quick release button to relieve the suction at any point.

The soft silicone tongue offers pinpoint licking pleasure with 7 motion and vibration patterns to choose from. For added tantalising texture, slide the nubbly TPE sleeve over the tongue.

Internal pleasure is yours with the powerful 10 functions of vibration in the handle, which is curved for precise internal stimulation of your G-spot and A-Spot!

Included magnetic USB cable to charge.

For the smoothest experience with your Ultimate Pleasure, slick the rim of the suction cup and daub the tongue and handle with water-based lubricant before play.



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