Unknown Pleasures Tongue Flickering, Thrusting and Heating Rabbit

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  • Flickering tongue to lick.
  • Thrusting Shaft.
  • 45 degrees heating for more intense orgasms
  • Rechargeable- Always use a laptop or Powerbank to charge your toys to avoid damage.

Original price was: KSh10,000.00.Current price is: KSh6,500.00.

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The powerful G-Spot Vibrator contains two state of the art motors for incredible power. One located in the tip and the other as an extension for dual stimulation. These new generation motors vibrate at a staggering 7,200rpm and 14,000rpm respectively. Exquisite features 10 unique vibration functions (7 vibration patterns, with 3 distinct intensity levels) that will provide the kind of earth-shattering, dual stimulation orgasm every woman deserves.
This Rabbit also has a flickering tongue for clitoral stimulation.
This toy comes with a revolutionary ‘heat’ function, letting the toy warm up to a maximum of 45 degrees  for a lifelike feel that will leave you with a warm happy glow. Made from 100% silky smooth medical grade silicone,  It contains a rechargeable battery that when fully charged with its USB cable will provide 120 minutes of passionate playtime (60 minutes with the heating function switched on). Just click and charge!


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