Weighed Kegel balls-(3 pieces)

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Ready to give your pelvic muscles the workout they deserve? With the Kegel sports health Pleasure Balls you can complete your daily exercises in a pleasurable, comfortable and discreet manner.

No one needs to know your little secret as these pleasure balls can be worn when you are out and about while you run your errands throughout the day. Enveloped inside the luxurious, silky smooth silicone coating are clay balls that rattle to create subtle sensations and vibrations toning your pelvic floor in the process.

Ready for that mind-blowing orgasm that you’ve been training for? With the retrieval cord it’s safe and very easy to remove the pleasure balls while the seamless silicone design ensures that the clean-up is a breeze.

So start your regime today, it will the most fun you had while exercising!

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These set of 3 weighed balls will keep your PC muscle fit, which will provide even more pleasure during sex. Many combinations are possible; you may use 1 or 2 light or heavy balls. Plenty of choice for extra pleasure. The balls are weighted; small enough to be worn with comfort but heavy enough to keep you toned, tight and seriously enjoying sex.
Your body movements will provide you with a never-ending massage for your own enjoyment.

Explore new sensations and get an amazing internal workout with this set of Ben Wa Balls.

When used regularly, Ben Wa Balls help tone your pelvic floor muscles, leading to better control and better, stronger orgasms. Lots of women find them a pleasure to wear, too. They’re textured for better sensations, and so discreet you can wear them anywhere,

Key features

– Helps tone your pelvic floor
– Discreet
– Textured silicone design
– Body-safe and hygienic

This set of 3 increase in size and weight, so you can start small and work your way up. They’re made from smooth silicone that’s totally body safe and easy to keep clean.