The ultimate Pelvic floor exercise Kit- Kegel Balls- Set of 5

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These are the ultimate kegel exercisers, and are a must-have for every woman!

Kegel exercisers are designed to develop your pelvic floor muscles to increase vaginal fitness. This results in better sex, stronger orgasms, and heightened sensations during sex. These incredible Luna Jiggle Balls include two sets of beads that are weighted differently, which when used over time will help you to tone your vaginal walls.

The best part? You can go about your daily life and no one has to know that you're wearing them.
Bev Munga

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Exercise has never been so much fun.

These Ben Wa balls combine kegel exercising with stimulation.
A reinvention of the classic design, they tone your pelvic floor (for better orgasms in the long run!)

The balls are that discreet, no-one will even know you’re wearing them: just pop on some LUBE, and get ready to enjoy your super-satisfying work out!

These smart Balls are exactly what you need to maximise your kegel muscles. Made of body-safe silicone, these love balls are inaudible, making them safe for use anywhere, anytime. Each ball has different weights. When you are done, simply use the included retrieval band to remove them.

These weighted jiggle balls are perfect for toning your pelvic floor.

When used reguarly, jiggle balls can lead to better & stronger orgasms.

These ones are designed to be pleasurable, too:


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