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Delivery Charges

First things first, we deliver countrywide DISCREETLY and prefer you make an order the day before or by 8am on the same day you’d like the order delivered. Secondly, Delivery is NOT FREE– NOT EVEN…

About Gspot Kenya.

First things first, we know Toys or should I say, I, (@TheVibratingLawyer) knows sextoys. And I’m saying this because I test them, and I use them. And I am proud and unashamed to admit it.…

Benefits of Female Masturbation

A study by Bev, The Vibrating Lawyer. Having being in the business for years, Of course majority of women chose to confide in me as to why they are actually buying a Vibrator. Half of…

Plain and simple, awesome work! did not find a better adjective.
In spanish I would say “Un trabajo poca madre, el más chingón que he visto!”.

Cascara (Mexico)