By The Vibrating Lawyer.

Want to deeply connect with your partner? Spice up your relationship? Add fire into your bedroom? 

It’s time to talk to your partner about sex toys. 

A happy sex life keeps the chemistry fiery and the electric passion in your relationship, but it has also been linked to everything from increasing intimacy to lowering stress levels. 
And sex toys can be a HUGE enhancement in the bedroom to kick your sex life up a notch.

The Benefits of Sex Toys 

There are SO many benefits to a happy and healthy sex life, and sex toys can add a unique and empowering twist. 

Using sex toys and vibrators with your partner can help you discover what turns you on — and this can drastically improve your mood and, of course, physically make you feel good. Plus, this adds a whole new level of intimacy that can improve your relationship outside of the bedroom.

Using sex toys can also increase pleasure, which means releasing even more feel-good hormones (aka endorphins), which helps alleviate stress. And people who enjoy a robust sex life with their partner report increased happiness and more satisfaction with life. 
Plus, mixing it up and experimenting is a great way to maintain the desire and strengthen bonds in relationships. So, what do you say, ready to spice up your relationship with sex toys?!

Common Myths About Sex Toys 

1.  Sex toys are only for single people

 This is SO not true. While sex toys are AMAZING for self-pleasure, they can be equally as incredible in relationships (for all of the reasons we mentioned about and more)!

2.  Sex toys are shameful

Let’s officially say goodbye to this old-school taboo! You deserve a happy and healthy sex life, and nothing is embarrassing about adding a little flare with a fun (and effective!) toy

3.  Sex toys will replace your partner

 FUCK NO! Sex toys add variety, curiosity, and intimacy into your relationship. Plus, you don’t always have to use them with your partner, because variation is exactly what keeps your sex life exciting!

5 Ways To Incorporate Self-Care & Sex Toys In Your Relationship

When it comes to a happy sex life, it’s all about quality, not quantity. And, trust us, sex toys can seriously boost the quality of your sex life! 

Make sex a talking point.

You know what’s hot? Communication. First and foremost, make suggestions to your partner about what you would like (and, most importantly, what you’re comfortable with). Whether that’s incorporating a toy for an intense session, orgasmic magic, or guaranteeing your Orgasm— tell your partner what you want (and what feels safe).

Don’t skimp on the foreplay. 

Help your partner learn what you like, what arouses you, and how you want to be touched. Remember, it’s about quality and not quantity, so take your sweet time and let the addition of sextoys draw out the foreplay for an elongated pleasure session. 

Get curious with your partner.

Experimentation can lead to a closer relationship and provide new perspectives when it comes to your pleasure. Getting curious also doesn’t have to be complicated. This could mean mixing up what you wear, where you have sex, nothing wrong with having sex in all the rooms in your house, in the car… use your imagination.  Have some deep sex talk with your sex partner and discuss what new positions you’d love to try or a new sex toy you want to introduce to the bedroom.

Set the scene all day.

Build on the desire all day with your partner, whether that means sending out a sultry text mid-afternoon, sending a sexy photo, or slyly leaving out your new sex toy  in anticipation of what’s to come. Set a time you both agree to and make coming together a priority.

Choose quality sex toys.

Ensure pleasure for both you and your partner by only choosing quality sex toys. Especially when trying out new toys, you want to play it safe. Add the spice you’re looking for by choosing sex toys that are smooth, unbreakable, and dependable. Just like your partner, find your perfect match!

As you can see, sex toys can positively affect your relationship, but the best way to test this theory out?

Try it for yourself 🙂