Like a Virgin Tightening Kit

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Take your kegel exercises to new heights with this powerful egg vibrator that you can wear – and use –anywhere you go!

  • There are 3 different Kegel balls included, plus a remote control. 2 balls have different weights, and 1 of them vibrate for both pleasure and tightening the vaginal walls.
  • WEIGHTS: 44g, 57g AND 120g
  • SIZE: 11.9 by 3.6 cms, 14.6 by 2. 8 cm AND 17.05 by 3.5 cm
  • The vibrating balls Quiet and strong for discreet fun almost anywhere you go
  • Chose from an amazing 10 distinct vibration modes
  • Control it directly from the remote to the egg.
  • Waterproof for wet & wild play in the shower or bath
  • Made from easy to clean and body-healthy silicone
  • Eco-friendly rechargeable vibe can run up to 1 hour
  •  USB charger included.


Original price was: KSh10,000.00.Current price is: KSh6,500.00.

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Make your kitty happier and healthier than ever with this weighed and powerful set of vibrating Ben Wa Balls! ( Only 1 of the Ball vibrates. The other 2 have weights on)

Have you got 15 minutes? Then we’ve got a workout for you! It’s stimulating, easy, and is guaranteed to make your sex life even better – and all you need to do it is to get these balls and start your kegels today!

This triple weight kegel system uses three trainers, each made of ultra-smooth elite silicone. Just add a little bit of your favorite water-based lubricant to the trainer and slip it inside. Now use your kegels to hold the weight in place. Squeeze your muscles rhythmically around it while sitting down for arousing natural stimulation, or try and keep the weight in place as you do household tasks or indulge in foreplay or your favorite erotica.

Start with the beginner trainer which is the lightest and gradually work your way up to the most advanced level. With regular kegel training and improved muscle control, sex feels better for both of you and you’ll enjoy easier, more intense Orgasms.

The vagina is insanely durable. The fact that it can pass a watermelon-sized object (aka, a baby) and still retain its shape is impressive all on its own. However strong it is, though, the right kegel exercise balls can help make it even stronger for a myriad of reasons — whether for better orgasms during sex, improved bladder control, or your own comfort levels.

Kegel exercises are subtle movements where you contract and relax as well as squeeze certain mucsles in the vagina. These movements strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for supporting your internal reproductive organs. While anyone can do kegels (even men), they’re especially great for women who feel a loss of muscle strength after childbirth, leak urine after sneezing or laughing, still feel the need to urinate right after emptying their bladder, or are looking to achieve stronger orgasms during sex.

The best news? There are tons of tools you can use to help you, and most of them are super discreet. Put them in, go about your day, and no one will have any idea.

These kegel exercise balls are not only installed with different weights, but one of them even vibrates.

  • Balls tickle & tease your inner bits with powerful vibrations
  • Vibrations also stimulate your Kegel muscles – leading to stronger Orgasms
  • Enjoy 10 vibration modes for a variety of stimulation
  • Stronger and quieter than average for discreet thrills
  • Waterproof for fun in the tub or shower
  • Remove the balls safely and easily with the built-in retrieval cord
  • Results in just 15 minutes, 4 times a week


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