Bound to Surrender Handcuffs

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Sex Up your love life! Bring some kinkiness into your bedroom!

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These handcuffs are soft, and totally non-threatening, making them perfect for beginners. They have an easy-to-use lock, secure linking chain and come with cute little keys. Spice things up.

Cuffs offer multiple ways for restraining your lover and leaving them at your mercy!

• Restrain your lover’s ankles or wrists together
• Use them to fasten your lover to the bed, shower rod, or similar object
• Cuffs close with easy-on and easy-off Velcro strips
• Clip together quickly and easily with metal hook
• Fully adjustable to fit everyone
• Contains 1 set of cuffs

With two restraints, you can fasten one around each of your lover’s wrists and fasten their hands together. Or you can cuff their ankles together! You can even slip one restraint on your lover and wrap the other around a bed post or shower rod so your lover can’t run away! With these versatile bondage cuffs, there’s all kinds of kinky fun awaiting you and your partner.

The lightly padded cuffs fit comfortably around your wrist or ankle. They fasten close with adjustable  strips so you can make them as loose or as tight as needed. Even with the cuffs around your wrists, you can easily remove them by yourself in case of problems.

A metal clip on one cuff attaches quickly and easy to a metal loop on the other cuff. The metal clip allows you to incorporate other items into your bondage games for additional fun.


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