Better Sex- The Inflatable Sex Position Pillow


♥GREAT FOR “POSITIONING”♥ The is a wedge-shaped sex pillow that increases comfort and enhances pleasure for both partners during lovemaking. The angled design of our sex wedge provides improved access to key romantic areas, pushes oral sex to a new level of excitement, and enables deeper, more satisfying penetration.
♥When you’re EXPLORING NEW POSTIONS, it’s all about finding new angles that feel the best for both. And sometimes, that extra throw pillow just doesn’t quite do it when you’re going for more complex positions — like legs on shoulders, swivel and grind, or the pancake. The sex pillow can facilitate new sex positions that will result in levels of intensity and satisfaction you’ve only dreamed of.
♥THE SUPPORTIVE SEX CUSHION IS VERSATILE♥. This sex pillow also helps with daily life and can help improve comfort while resting and help reduce body aches and discomfort. The sex position pillows provide support for vertebrae and back. Sleeping with this sex wedge pillow, keep snoring from you away! What are you waiting for?
♥DISCREET ENOUGH TO PASS AS A NORMAL PILLOW IN YOUR BEDROOM♥ the sex wedge pillow can be put on a bed like a normal body cushion rather than a sex position pillow. You will not feel awkward to have the sex cushion showed in your room.
♥INFLATE&STORE EASILY♥ The inflatable & portable triangle sex position pillow can be inflated by mouth easily and be deflated easily. It is very convenient for travelling and storage with this inflatable sex cushion.


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Make any position easier and more relaxed with this inflatable cushion. The slanted design and flocked surface allow you to maintain any position longer without sliding off. It lets you maintain any position without breaking your rhythm. Inflating and deflating are easy with the air-sealed valve, and its discreet enough for home use or romantic getaways.
It’s a lovely addition to your bedroom when it’s not in your suitcase. It’s made of high-density inflatable silicone so that it keeps its shape even with lots of weight on top of it, and it fits underneath your lower back, facilitating deep penetration and oral sex that’s comfortable for both partners.
It helps hit the spot if the positions you enjoy put too much pressure on your joints, or are just uncomfortable (maybe if your partner is much taller or shorter than you are). The double-arched design provides that extra support for your head, back, and knees during, say, missionary position.
It’s simple, no-fuss, and you can easily travel with it. Get yourself an inflatable position pillow. What people love most about this one is that if you’re trying doggy-style or anal sex, the inflatable wedge helps lift and position you at the perfect angle. “If you have a back-facing vulva or you are a person who enjoys anal penetration, this pillow is great to get those holes in the air!”
Not only is it comfortable, but it’s cost-effective and it can deflate so that you can put it away in a discreet place.


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