Wild Weekend Anal Beads

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These Small Thai Love Beads are the perfect introduction to anal play.

Smooth, flexible and jelly-like, the Small Thai Love Beads are a great beginner’s anal toy. The 6 graduated beads are just over 5 inches in length and very small in diameter, so they feel comfortable when inserted and removed.
Key features

– Small size that’s perfect for beginners
– Soft and flexible
– Body-safe material that’s easy to keep clean
– Large finger loop

Original price was: KSh3,500.00.Current price is: KSh2,000.00.

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The Love Beads are designed to be used during sex or masturbation, and are a great way to enhance your orgasms and introduce you to the pleasure of anal play. Use with plenty of lubrication for even better sensations and a more intense climax.
With these anal beads, you can discover the delights of anal orgasms with a tool that is fantastically easy to control and use. With 5 tapered beads, you can insert them to a level you’re comfortable with. Their rounded shape makes for a pleasurable, comfortable experience. Add some of your favourite water based lubricant and enjoy a sensational glide during your anal adventures. The ergonomic grip handle keeps you in complete control and acts as an additional safety feature too. As this item is waterproof, you can enjoy all of its facets in the bath or shower, as well as in the privacy of your bedroom. A unisex item that will have universal appeal.


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