The RoseOrgasms-Secret Kisses

This playful 2 in 1 tongue vibrator comes compact and is packed with power. With 10 licking modes and flapping modes and with 10 vibrations, the Rose Blossom Licker will stimulate you in all the right ways. 10 licking modes Direct clitoral stimulation as well as Vaginal and Gspot Tendencies to make you gush with squirt.


Rose Toys Licking Vibrator



  1. Realistic Licking Sensation: Offers a tongue flapping feature that mimics intimate caresses, enhancing internal G-spot and external stimulation.
  2. 10 Licking & Vibration Modes: Multiple modes for varied and intense pleasure, ensuring a deeply satisfying experience.
  3. 10 Flapping Motions & Vibrations: Designed to target all the right spots with precision and intensity.
  4. IPX6 Waterproof: Safe for use in wet environments, opening up possibilities for adventurous play.-DO NOT FULLY SUBMERGE  IN WATER
  5. Unique Tongue Flapping Feature: Innovatively stimulates both the inside and outside, providing an amazing sensation.


Rose Toys Licking Vibrator


The licking, flicking, clit teasing tongue stimulator on the Rose offers a fluttering sensation to your erogenous areas for mind-blowing pleasure. Directly target the clit with 10 vibration intensities and  patterns. 10 vibration patterns and 4 vibration intensities Direct Clitoral Stimulation Tongue Stimulator as well as the Gspot and flapping mode for extra sensations and orgasms.

Rose Toys Licking Vibrator

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This innovative Rose Toys Licking Vibrator boasts a realistic tongue-flapping feature, providing sensations that mimic the most intimate caresses. With 10 delightful licking and vibration modes, it ensures a deeply satisfying experience every time. The added versatility of 10 flapping motions and vibrations means it can hit all the right spots, inside and out. IPX6 waterproof rating allows for adventurous play in any setting. Embrace the extraordinary with this uniquely stimulating vibrator!


Rose Toys Licking Vibrator


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