Quick HIV Self-Test Kit- Oral or Blood

OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test

  • Testing you can trust.
  • The only “in-home” HIV self-test approved by the FDA
  • Innovative And Reliable
  • The same test used by healthcare professionals.
  • Simple to read Instructions and Results.
  • Straightforward test interpretation. For complete instructions, see materials included in the OraQuick In-Home kit.
  • Who Should Get Tested? The government and Doctors recommend that everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 get tested at least once for HIV. People with certain risk factors should be tested more often.
  • We have both the Oral and Blood testing kit- The oral test takes 20 minutes and 2 Minutes for the blood test.

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Own your health, own your status, own your options. Knowing your HIV status is a form of self care and highly recommended.

With OraQuick HIV  self- test kit, you are in control of knowing your HIV status.

Perfect for those casual sex nights. Keep a few of these in your home for yourself incase you get lucky.

Test yourself and your sex buddy before you divulge into some steamy love making.

Perfect for one night stands and for knowing your personal status.-Always use protection!


Just three simple steps and 20 minutes to knowing your HIV status.


A swab of the gums; Or a simple prick on your finger for a small drop of  blood.


No appointments no waiting. Perform an HIV test when and where you want.


Contact a doctor or the nearest VCT center for counselling and more advice.


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