Spank me Paddle


Explore endless erotic possibilities with this sexy paddle! The Spank Me Paddle is just the right size and strength for totally pleasurable bondage play. Made from lightweight yet durable material, the paddle is flexible yet firm – so it makes a fantastic sound when it kisses your lover’s bum. The paddle’s flat square striking surface covers more area to give you maximum impact.

When you’re in the mood to tie up (or be tied up by) your lover, just look to the whole bondage set. You can even have your lover bend over a bench and tie their wrists to their ankles to put them completely under your seductive control.

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This leatherette spanking paddle is the perfect new addition to your toy box.

Tie Up Your Lover For Sexy Spankings!

An exclusive kinky kit!

Equip yourself for hot bondage fantasies with this naughty paddle! The Gspot Kenya Spank Me Paddle is just the right size and texture for spanking. Just a flick of the wrist sends this lightweight paddle swishing through the air until it meets your lover’s most sensitive spots. And if your playmate needs to be tied down?

Be gentle or give a firm flick for different sensations – the choice is yours.


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