Make Sex last longer- Delay Gel

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We all need some little help once in a while. You could enjoy longer lasting pleasure with this Delay Gel rom Netherlands. With it’s body-friendly water-based formula, it can help desensitise your tool to help you go for longer. Infused with skin-soothing benefits.

Key Features:

  • Water-based delay gel which may reduce sensitivity and prolong play
  • Designed to help delay male ejaculation during solo or paired play
  • Travel-friendly 50ml size is easy to stash in your carry-on
  • Results may vary


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1-2 sprays pumps of this  Endurance Delay Gel can gently numb the end of your penis to reduce sensitivity and potentially help boost endurance.

“This stuff is amazing to say the least. It’s easy to apply, it doesn’t sting or burn, you don’t go numb (as in can’t feel a damn thing), it doesn’t smell, you can still feel everything and have a great time, and the best bit, you can last waaaay longer.” – Gspot Kenya Customer Review

Please note: When using before oral play, allow the liquid to be absorbed by the skin, air-drying for a few minutes before thoroughly washing your penis to prevent numbing your partner’s mouth.

NOTE- The numbing does not affect your pleasure!

Results may vary.


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