This is not a myth, it does exist, the internet should not lie to you, those who write that it doesn’t exist have not experienced that kind of intense orgasm, they don’t know where to find it, and their partners don’t give it to them as it’s meant to.

Well this isn’t about the G-pot, it was just a way to divert your attention to this post. So, what have I been up to? Alot has happened since we last “spoke” on my blog. Last time I blogged, Kibaki was president, ya! That’s how long I’ve been away. Am I still single? Well that depends on who’s asking. I had an affair that lasted a few months, i bought another dog, I’ve been tirelessly job searching and I just got my niche’. I was not born to be a business lady, but I sure know I was born to be an honest talker; I don’t shy away from sex or any controversies surrounding it. Be it homosexuality, three/foursomes, sex toys etc… And talking of sex toys, this is what I love most.

This blog is all about sex toys. Vibrators, dildos, electric toothbrushes etc. After being jobless and desperate, I soon realised that I could actually sell what makes me smile. I have officially started a business that involves selling thess goodies that most women want but are ashamed to talk about. Me on the other hand, I don’t shy away from such. On the 10th of September, my first order will arrive and I am hoping and praying that it will kick off. I am hoping that all my female friends will support me since the Kenyan government has opted to not to employ me.

I will also be giving out free advise on where and how to get your oh so precious hidden G-Spot! My FB page and Twitter TL slightly mentioned the advantages/ benefits of using sex toys. I will lay them down here again for you to scrutinize. Ask whatever you want and while doing so, make an order. So, here goes the benefits as if you dint know of them:

I have a vibrator, and I enjoy it—with or without my husband. It always does the trick! —Rose K, Nairobi

I cannot live without my dildo. It never disappoints me, it goes where it needs to be, and always finishes the job. That’s why I love it! —Juliet M, Nairobi


Obviously, no STI’s or pregnancies
Orgasms- as we all know, cumming makes us smile and reduce tension. Orgasms clear insomnia as it has a relaxing benefit, have an orgasm also reduces stress and headaches as the blood flows.
They tighten your vaginal muscles (Kegel Balls) and who doesn’t want a nice tight pussy?
Suffer from stomach crumps? Well, this could stop with the constant use of vibrators as the “ vibrating” mode relaxes your walls sending a signal to your tummy.
Enhanced Knowledge of Your Body: Through experimentation with sex toys, women can become more aware of their own sexual pleasure, which can lead them to engage in more efficient and effective during their sexual relationship with a partner.
Heightened Self-Confidence: Women who are more knowledgeable of their bodies and their sexual needs become more self-assured in their sexual relationships.
Enhanced Sexual Interest: Women who use sex toys experience a higher interest in sex as they are eager to further experiment with and explore their bodies.
Quicker Orgasms: The variety of toys and the ability to use them efficiently lead women to reach orgasms more quickly.

Although using sex toys can bring you a lot of pleasure, be mindful of their usage to avoid the following:

STD Infections: Sharing sex toys can lead to the spread of STDs through the exchange of vaginal fluid and direct mucosal contact. DO NOT SHARE YOUR VIBRATORS LADIES.

Vaginal Infections: Washing your sex toys thoroughly after and/or before each use is crucial to maintaining the health of your genitalia. ALWAYS WASH BEFORE AND AFTER USE USING WARM SOAPY WATER AND RINSE, YOU COULD ALSO USE WIPES.

Toxic Toys: Sex toys can be made of materials that may contain toxins which are not healthy for your body. When using sex toys, inquire about the materials . ALL MY TOYS ARE MADE OF SAFE SILICONE MATERIAL.

Getting Used to Your Sex Toy: Although using your sex toy may feel extremely pleasurable,overusing sex toys or its exclusive usage may lead to the body’s anticipated sexual response to them, thus getting your body used to reaching an orgasm, for instance, by only using a sex toy. Sex toys can complement your sex life but should not define it. IT CAN BE ADDICTIVE, BUT HAVING SAID THAT, WHO CARES?

Ladies, If you have a sex toy, use it without shame as an ally to expand your sexual horizons. As previously discussed, sex toys can enhance your libido and your sexual experience; therefore, their use can lead to a very pleasurable experience. If you are shy, hit my inbox on Facebook or DM on twitter @BeverleyMunga

The Kegal balls for instance, I would encourage all women to have, married, single, and mothers actually. Do you know the benefits of Kegal exercise? Well, here goes:

First things first, your man will thank you. Why you ask? Because keeping your muscles tight in the nether region is extremely important. You will be tighter than before.
Exercising your vaginal muscles using Kegal balls decrease urinary inconsistence and help ease childbirth pain.
Your partner will enjoy the feelings of your kegel adeptness, as it feels like his penis is being sucked by your tight pussy.
They increase arousal. OH MY GOD!!! You can “wear” them all day and you’ll be smiling at work and everywhere you do. When they are in, as you carry on with your day to day activities, they not only tighten your pussy but arouse and give you orgasms all day. Nobody can see what’s inside your vagina, so you can use them whenever you want. What’s not to love about the prospect of toning your vaginal muscles while you’re just living your life? We women love to multitask.

This is a best seller, especially after the fifty shades of grey phenomenon where Anastasia frequently uses them to keep her wanting for more and more.