Everyone remembers their first one. Hidden in the drawer, maybe under your pillow or slipped beneath the covers. That muffled buzz, the grasp of the sheets. Not quite a story to tell the grand-kids, but it still goes down in history. The first orgasm using a vibrator of the rest of your life.
Not tried a sextoy yet? Poor thing. But it’s never too late – and that’s why you’re here. So come and learn from the masters, and take that first step with our beginner’s guide to sex toys.


Vibrators – or vibes – are a perfect starting point for the eager sex toy apprentice. There are a few different kinds: shaft vibrators hit the G-spot, but you might want to work your way up to them. Wands are seriously powerful – they might be a bit much if you’re not used to anything too intense. Save ’em for later, when you’re a full-blown sex toy addict.

For you lucky first timers, clit-stimulating bullets are our toys of choice. They’re discreet little things, but they pack a fierce kick that’ll leave you buzzing for hours when you turn the heat up. They’re among the most affordable toys out there too, so you won’t have to spend too much for those first experiments. Plenty come with adjustable speeds and power settings, too. Take control – you’ll love it.

Even when you move on to bigger things, the first bullet you come to love will stick with you. A revolution beneath the sheets, and this is where it all begins.


Maybe the buzz isn’t for you. Maybe you prefer to do the hard work yourself. The old fashioned way. But we don’t blame you.

Dildos come in a few different shapes and sizes. Mostly cock shaped, obvs. But still, some are a little more realistic than others. The ideal beginner dildo for the sex toy apprentice will depend on how into the idea you are. The veiny textures mean extra stimulation, but then so do ridges on the more discreet designs. Size ’em up for yourself and see what takes your fancy. Just don’t forget to lube up.

Some dildos come with suction cups, for hands-free use. Perfect for the shower. Trust us.

When you’re ready for that next step, there’s a whole world out there to explore. Double penetrators, strap ons, double-ended dildos… You’re in for a treat.

Oh yes. These one’s our baby, and we’re very proud. The Rabbit started a sex toy revolution like you wouldn’t believe, and it’s still the best you’re gonna get. A vibrating dildo combined with a bunny-eared bullet to hit your clit while still going deep, it’s the best of both worlds. We may sound biased, but try it for yourself and you’ll be screaming your support. Bases loaded. Ready to burst. Mighty or mini, rotating or rechargeable, we’ve got it all covered.