After the honeymoon period is over, many couples tend to find their sex life ends up being more average than amazing. But never fear, adding the spice back into your sex life is easier than you think.

Take a look below to find some of my top tips for better, unforgettable sex, every time.

Set the Scene

Sure, quickies can be ideal for certain situations, but so many of us end up rushing into sex and head straight to the main event. But the best sex begins long before you get to the bedroom.

Get yourselves worked up. Take the whole night (or even the entire day) to seduce your partner… the longer the wait, the more intense the pleasure. Send them a text and tell them what you want to do to them later.

Fine Dining

Cooking for one another is a wonderful way to strengthen a relationship but certain foods serve an even sexier purpose. Indulge in aphrodisiacs, such as salmon, avocado, chocolate and red wine, all of which are well known for their libido-boosting properties.

Fine dining also calls for suitable clothing, with a sexy twist of course. Before you start cooking, slip into something a little bit more appropriate. Just knowing that you’re wearing crotchless panties will drive him wild.

Sit Back and Relax….

Already feeling hot under the collar? Jump into a warm, soapy bubble shower together, and when all the suds are gone take some Pleasure Massage Oil and kick off foreplay with a sensual massage.

Communication is key

Communication is vital between couples. Before you dive under the covers, talk to each other about what really turns you on and off. No man or woman is a mind reader; if something really takes you over the edge you have to let your partner know.

Share the Fantasy

Desperate to try out a new position, sextoy, or even explore some role play? Don’t shy away from telling your partner what you really want. Be confident, take the reins and start experimenting together.

Talk Dirty to Me

So many of us struggle with dirty talk, but once you give it a go you’ll soon find there’s nothing hotter than hearing someone whisper in your ear exactly they want to do to you. If you’re too embarrassed to tell your partner exactly what you want in person, try texting them throughout the day. They’ll be so worked up they’ll practically run home.

Just Like That…

Is your man just not hitting the spot? Don’t simply lie there and pretend it feels good – nobody enjoys a fake orgasm. Guide your partner’s hand to the right pleasure points or, better yet, why not show him exactly what you like by putting on a solo masturbation show. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who takes control.

Switch it up

Falling into a routine can be your biggest downfall…

Finding a regime that ‘works’ and takes you both to the big O might sound like a fool proof way to ensure that sex is always great but it often leads to dissatisfaction. When you know exactly what move is coming next and end up anticipating the same orgasm over and over again sex can get a bit boring. Yawn.

You, Me and…

Sex doesn’t have to be between just the two of you… why not introduce a toy (or two, or three) into the bed with you?

We recommend starting off with the small (but mighty) bullet vibrator. Have your man tease you by slowly stroking the bullet down your thighs, across your nipples and over your underwear, focusing around your clit. And when you simply can’t take any more, turn it towards your man and get revenge. Vibrators aren’t just for women; men love them too!

Feeling more adventurous? There are so many different Vibrators to choose from. Experiment with our cock rings, range of dildos, and if you’re feeling in the mood, experiment with anal play by introducing our anal beads and or butt plugs at

We also have an in-depth sex toy guide for couples. Take a peek at here

Don’t forget lube…

Lube is a must-have for anal play, and it’s a sex toy’s best friend. But it’s also, in its own right, a great way to transform your sex life. Lube is massively underrated as a sexual enhancer and many forget it’s not only to help easy entry. Lube increases your sensitivity and takes sex to the next level.

If you’re in the mood for heating things up, there’s a lube for every occasion in our range. Can’t pick a favourite? Why not try out them all, one night at a time, with our Pick ‘n’ Mix sachets.

Stimulant gels

Stimulant gels are stronger, targeted formulations for specific areas. The perfect goody drawer addition if you want to last longer. We have erection enhancers designed to make your man last longer in bed. These are topical applications that will make that penis area more prominent, sensitive and increase responsiveness. You only need a pea sized amount so apply a stimulant gel then add lube for slip. Trust us, they’re a total game changer.


Add a hint of naughtiness into your sex life and explore soft bondage. Blindfolds are a popular favourite between couples. Without sight, the other senses are heightened and every single touch is more intense. Blindfolds are perfect for foreplay and can lead to out-of-this-world oral sex. With no inclination where you partner will touch you next, your entire body ends up tinging in anticipation.

Handcuffs are another great way to spice up your sex life. Surrender yourself and let your partner dominate you by taking full control. With bondage, you really can be as kinky as you want to be. If you’re looking for further inspiration, Our bondage section is sure to give you some ideas to whip things up. Keep up

Change Positions

Don’t get me wrong, missionary style can be ah-maz-ing, but there are so many positions out there to explore. Doggy, reverse cowgirl, the octopus… the options are endless. To get you started, why not take your pick from any Kamasutra guides and gradually make your way through the list.

Don’t stop now…

All this is just for starters, honey. Take things to the next level with our sextoy and bondage guides. Trust us, you’ll never look back…