Not everyone wants to spend a lot of cash on their first toys. We get it – some of our more serious options are definitely more of an investment than an impulse buy. Starting out with something less expensive is the best way to explore, to find out what pushes your buttons – without breaking the bank.

So don’t worry, honey. Sex toys are for everyone – no one is priced out of playtime. We have loads of amazing value toys that are perfect for curious apprentices to try without spending big.

For more on what different kinds of sex toys do, take a look at Our Beginners Sex toy guide, for choosing your first toy. But if price is your biggest concern, then you’ve come to the right place. With everything here under 5500 shillings, there’s no need to be a buzzkill…

Best Value Toys

Always our pick for that first sex toy, it’s all about The bullets – not least because of the price. They don’t need much to hit the spot, and their simple designs can make for amazing value.

Not feeling the vibes? Dildos also make the perfect starter toy for those of you who would rather do things the old fashioned way rather than putting your trust in the buzz. Loads of different styles come in at less than 5500 shillings – a deal we’re sure you’ll want to stay on top of…

Can’t decide what to try first? We’ve got you covered, girl – there’s no way we’d leave you hanging. Try our sex toy sets on for size, and forget all about Netflix and chill – digging into a box set is much more fun.

What we recommend for beginners:-
1. Clit only stimulators,-
2. Gspot vibrators
3. Mini Rabbit vibrators
4. Finger glove vibrators
5. The Lipstick Vibrator
6. Any Vibrator below 5,500 shillings